About us.

EEWC is an Australian owned business with in excess of 30 years experience in managing Workers Compensation for businesses of varying sizes, across a range of industries. Our primary focus is to simplify the complexities of National Workers Compensation Insurance Programs for our clients, together with your human resource and safety team we will develop and achieve long term strategies, that will complement the values of your business.

We are proud to offer a multi-disciplined team, providing a range of services that can mitigate the varying risks associated with Workers Compensation. Whilst it is important to understand the intricacies of managing Workers Compensation claims, we consider injury prevention, the well-being of your employees and their overall work readiness to be paramount when establishing a sustainable workforce.

Having had experience working with insurers, Insurance brokers, self-insured employers and investigation businesses, we are well positioned to provide advice from a broad perspective and keep you in touch with current industry practice.

EEWC prides itself on building long term relationships with our clients to enable us to truly understand every aspect of your business. Through developing this understanding of your business we can then use our comprehensive knowledge of the Workers Compensation system and our extended network to provide you with market leading advice.